Asset Management

Individuals, couples and families can gain wealth through a variety of ways.  They can build a business which may be profitable enough to save substantial dollars each year then, after a number of years they might sell the business which will provide a lump sum payment or large payments over a period of time.   They might be in the situation where they receive a considerable inheritance and will need those assets to be managed.  Or possibly, they might have invested in a publicly traded company which grew significantly and now it is important to diversify.  Whichever path is taken to accumulate these assets, not everyone has the time to monitor and manage those assets. And even if they do have the time, they might not have the skills, patience or interest to do so.

What We Will Do for You

Understand your objectives: We will work with you to understand what your goals/objectives are for the assets you would like us to manage.

Determine: Your risk tolerance, knowledge & experience of investing and incorporate that into determining which Wood River model portfolio would be best choice to use in order to meet your financial goals.

Managing and monitoring the portfolio: We will regularly monitor the mutual funds used in our model portfolios to ensure that the manager is maintaining the philosophy and approach for which they were hired. We will monitor the performance of each fund compared to the industry recognized benchmark they compete against as well as how their performance compares to their peer group. Based on this information and our perception of the current market environment we will determine the percentages allocated to each mutual fund in the model portfolio.

Our Asset Management service is based on regular and open communication with our clients. Through regularly scheduled reporting and conversations, we ensure that your asset management plans are continually reviewed and updated to meet your changing circumstances.