Wood River Investment Consulting offers Institutional Investment Consulting, acting in a fiduciary capacity, to businesses with plans as large as $500 million as well as to plans which may be small or midsized plans in the range of $10 million to $100 million. It is very important for companies to have outside oversight of their retirement plan from a neutral party who is not collecting commissions or 12(b)1 fees or who is an employee for the company providing the plan record keeping.



Individuals, Couples & Families can gain wealth through a variety of ways.  They can build a business which may be profitable enough to save substantial dollars each year then, after a number of years they might sell the business which will provide a lump sum payment or large payments over a period of time.   They might be in the situation where they receive a considerable inheritance and will need those assets to be managed.  Or possibly, they might have invested in a publicly traded company which grew significantly and now it is important to diversify.